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Acrylic Paint - 6.75 oz - Multiple Colors

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This Studio 71 Acrylic paint comes in 6.75fl. oz. (200ml) tubes, making clean up minimal and travel possible with these paints! This acrylic paint provides excellent covering power and is suitable for a varitey of techniques and projects. With a smooth consistency you can count on an easy application no matter the surface. These colors can be diluted with water or mixed with an acrylic medium. This is perfect Acrylic paint to get you started on your latest art project!


  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces - apply to canvas, wood, paper, fabric, etc.
  • Vibrant colors - colors remain intense and permanent even when dry
  • Easy clean up - each color comes in an indiviual durable 6.75fl. oz. (200ml) plastic tube, making clean up and travel easy