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Metal Bootlace Ends

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Aglet tips that are designed for durability and long-lasting performance. They resist wear and tear, ensuring your shoelaces remain secure and stylish for the long haul. Not only do these aglets provide a sleek and polished look, but they also offer functional benefits by keeping your shoelace ends from unraveling.

Easy installation starts with trimming your shoelace to the desired length, sliding the aglet onto the end, and securing it with a gentle squeeze using pliers. Perfect for sneakers, boots, dress shoes, and more. These metal aglet tips can also be used for other creative projects, such as crafting, jewelry making, and apparel customization.

Repair frayed laces or make a stylish upgrade. The metal tips prevent fraying and make threading laces through eyelets easier, extending the life of your shoelaces. Size is 4 mm x 22 mm (0.16 inch x 0.87 inch).

Available in silver and gold in pack sizes of 2, 4, 10, 20, 50, and 100.