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How to Create Custom Macramé Cord with Rit Dye

Posted by Cara on Mar 10th 2022

Rit Dye Tutorial

RIT Dye only seems to be mentioned in conversation when a favorite shirt or pair of pants starts looking a little faded. Using a bottle of RIT is still an excellent alternative to a new wardrobe, but it’s also a valuable tool to have on hand if you’re a fiber artist or hobbyist.

If you frequent Pinterest or Etsy as much as I do, you know the current darling of fiber arts is macramé. That’s no surprise, considering the seemingly endless catalog of weaving patterns and projects for everything from home décor to jewelry, to pet accessories.

One of the best aspects of this trend (and possibly one of the worst) is the vast number of projects that you come across in a day. This can unintentionally leave an aspiring crafter feeling discouraged about their own ideas or progress. An increasing number of people have also been spending more time at home than in previous years, creating the perfect opportunity for many to learn a new skill like macramé, or seek out similar handmade items by others.

Speaking of handmade goods, Etsy has gained an impressive amount of popularity and users since debuting in 2010. The platform saw 38 million new buyers and 4.3 million new sellers in 2020, with both audiences doubling year over year. The handmade segment alone represented 85% of sellers, with the most popular category within it being home & living.

What does this all mean for an aspiring macramé artist?

Although these various platforms are heavily saturated with intricate pieces that appear impossible to make yourself, there are numerous ways to add your own unique touch without complex techniques or endless hours of work. One simple way to accomplish this is to create your own custom hues for cotton rope, fabric scraps, lace, and any other textiles on hand. Keep reading to learn the RIT dye basics and start planning out the perfect color for your next DIY!

Rit Dye


Wash Your Rope

Heat 3 Gallons of Water

Add Hot Water

NoteStir for 10-30 minutesRinse & Dry

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